No way forward

No way forward

No way forward

Vehicular movement on the Lingarajpuram Flyover will be hit for about a fortnight because of resurfacing work taken up by the BBMP.

The Lingarajapuram Flyover is one of the three main thoroughfares connecting the core areas of the city to the northeastern suburbs. The flyover was already narrow but now with one side closed, traffic is pouring into the adjacent residential areas of Hutchins Road, D Costa
Layout, Banaswadi and Maruthi Sevanagar.

Residents lament that they have to spend at least an hour or more to get from one side of the flyover to the other. Traffic diversions have added to the chaos and traffic management is anything but well-planned, along with being poorly executed, say regular commuters like Mirshad M. Mirshad adds, “I take the Lingarajapuram Flyover almost everyday. Shutting one side of it without prior notice has become a problem for people like me. The parallel roads are not broad enough to accommodate additional vehicles. Most of us are stuck in traffic jams during the peak time for at least an hour. ”

Talking about his own ordeal, Zaffar Sait, a resident of Nandidurga Road, says that he recently visited an ailing family member who lives near Lingarajapuram.

“We were returning at around 9.15 pm and were stuck on the Lingarajapuram Flyover for two hours. There were only two traffic police personnel there and they looked helpless. We reached home well past midnight. I then made up my mind never to go back there until the work has been completed,” says Zafar.   
Traffic has now been diverted towards the ITC Flyover through Maruthi Sevanagar and residents there point out that they have been having a tough time battling the daily traffic jams.

Remya M, a banker and resident of Maruthi Sevanagar, says, “This road already had more traffic than it could accommodate and now the additional vehicles have made commuting on this stretch a nightmare. The roads towards Fraser Town, Cox Town and Banaswadi are equally crowded. There’s no way out of the mess.”

Sharing her experience, Remya says, “These days, I get stuck in traffic jams for almost an hour while travelling to my workplace, which is hardly a kilometre from where I stay. Even the
alternate routes don’t serve any purpose, thanks to poor traffic management.”

BBMP Commissioner N Manjunatha Prasad informs that about 10 flyovers in the city have been taken up for resurfacing work. Talking specifically about the Lingarajapuram
Flyover, Manjunatha says, “All the flyovers in the city require regular maintenance to ensure longevity. For resurfacing work, we have been using Tikki Tar,  a layer that is put over the concrete. This will ensure a smooth ride and we don’t have to undertake any digging work for another couple of years.”

Commenting on the traffic congestion, Manjunatha adds, “No road work is undertaken without prior consent and approval from the Bengaluru Traffic Police. There will be a little inconvenience but we will have to live with it for a while.”