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Luke Kenny, Actor

Actor and VJ Luke Kenny started his career more than a decade ago on Channel V. His segment called ‘Luke’s After Hours’, which came three years later, also became popular with music lovers.

Although Luke is a writer,  actor,  director and performer, he positions himself as an

He started his film career with ‘Rock On!!’,  and was also seen playing a lead role in Riteish Deshmukh-starrer ‘Banjo’. Luke was also seen in ‘Rock On 2’.

His next film is with Irrfan Khan. Besides that, he is doing a web series with some popular actors. Luke is also the lead singer of his band ‘Bolly Rockers’. 

‘City Lights’ by Charlie Chaplin

“I am a huge Charlie Chaplin fan. His movies have raised the bar for generations to come and many movie-makers are inspired by his films even today.

  ‘City Lights’ is a simple story about a tramp who loves a blind girl selling flowers on the street. He helps her gain sight with the help of a wealthy man. But he is put behind bars before she can see. The film is visually appealing and the music is wonderful. I also enjoy the usual Hollywood blockbusters.”


“I believe that you can never
see the whole planet in one’s lifetime. Thanks to my work, I do get to travel quite a bit. Europe is one of the places I visit frequently and it definitely holds a lot of memories for me. I love exploring the architecture, art and music of Europe. Everything is well maintained and there is always something new
to explore whenever I go back.”

‘The Beatles’

“No matter how much music has evolved, ‘The Beatles’ will always be my favourite. They reinvented music and the way it can be presented for centuries to come. How they managed to do it and leave a mark is very impressive. From the post-80s era, I like Michael Jackson’s music. He introduced a new sound to the musical world and showed how a performing artiste can be.”

Johnny Depp

“Johnny Depp brings out a personality onscreen like none other. He always goes over the top with his characters but delivers them so well that it leaves the audience
mesmerised. I love his roles in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ series and ‘Before Night Falls’. I always look forward to his films.”

‘Chapati and Dal’

“I am a vegetarian, so I prefer something simple and delicious. I always enjoy a hot plate of ‘Chapati’ and ‘Dal’ with a few vegetables on the side. Cauliflower and mushroom in any form are my favourites. But since I travel a lot, I also like trying out the cuisines of places I visit. My house help also experiments with recipes, so I get to try different things every day.”

(As told to Anila Kurian)