Driven by passion

Driven by passion

Driven by passion

Finding joy in small things is what makes Raghunathan Anbazhagan happy. So his interest in macro photography was a natural extension of this. Working for the IT analytics team of an MNC, he realised his love for photography a couple of years back.

He says, “I purchased my first camera six years ago and I started going for photo walks in the city. I went for about two months before I became busy with work. But I carried my camera along with me whenever I travelled and continued experimenting with pictures.”

It was a trip to the US that introduced him to  macro photography.
 “I met a wonderful photographer called Mandy Disher who is also a macro photographer. She has been pursuing her interest for more than 10 years and I was mesmerised by her work. So I purchased a macro lens and started going to parks to learn the tricks of this style,” he explains.

When he returned to India, he took to his backyard to capture some interesting shots. He says, “I am not much of a travelling person, so my backyard was more than enough for me to experiment.”

Raghunathan’s images are simple, clean and have a soulful touch to them – just the way he wants them to be. “It is very rare that I shoot black and white pictures. I love colours and I play around with angles to deliver an aesthetically pleasing image. I don’t like my pictures to be too sharp; as long as they are soulful, my purpose is served,” he adds.

This particular way of thinking is because of a childhood hobby. Raghunathan enjoyed painting while growing up. He uses paint brush techniques in his photographs to  make them unique and marry his two interests.

However, he says that many don’t appreciate macro photography.
“I do enjoy other types of photography and I experiment with them. But it’s sad that macro photography is not appreciated enough. It’s very special to me as through it, a small image tells a big story. Nothing else can explain it like that,” he adds.

Despite lack of appreciation, his interest hasn’t waned. That’s why even today when he goes for a morning run he takes his camera along. He explains, “You never know what you will find on the way, so it’s best to carry it with you wherever you go! I want to continue exploring and learning. I want to push my own boundaries and learn what macro photography can go. It’s a passion that I never want to give up.”