Decor for newly-weds!

Decor for newly-weds!

Decor for newly-weds!

A bedroom is a place where we spend quite a lot of time in our daily lives. It is one of those significant rooms in the house where we all turn towards, every time we look for rest and spend some time with our soulmate. This is the place where beautiful memories are made. A perfect bedroom should look beautiful, organised and should help you find peace of mind, while at the same time looking loveable.

Everything you place in the room affects its appearance in some way or the other. A few additions in the bedroom can set the mood right. Let us look at some:

Flowers for decor
Flowers have always been a hot favourite decorative for bedrooms. Adding beautiful and colourful flowers brings colour to our lives. It gives the room a perfect appearance and adds aesthetic value to the room. You can opt for red colour as it has been a symbol of love since ages.

Rust & beige patterns
Rust and beige-patterned cushions recently made it to the list of most beautiful decor for your bedroom. This state-of-the-art pattern looks fantastic when combined with neutral coloured upholstery. This stylish and versatile design adds visual appeal and gives you many reasons to incorporate them into your home. Using rust & beige pattern will also keep you up in the trend as well.

Sculptures are wonderful options to add peace and calmness to the room. Remember, this is the room where many life decisions are taken. The calm and tranquil mind can make wonderful life decisions. These beautiful creations reflect your love for the peace and enlighten your lifestyle. You can play around with colours of the sculptures depending on the decor of the room.

Candle bars
A candle bar is a perfect setting for your room decoration and also serves as a fantastic source of lighting. The crystals reflect the light from the candle and look fabulous when lit. Having a beautiful candle bar in your bedroom gives you an opportunity to have a romantic candlelight dinner every time you want. You can add soothing music that will serve as icing on the cake.

Well, whenever we talk about perfect colour for couple’s bedroom, the answer comes as a red (being a colour of love) or pink, but there are so many options you can try leaving these traditional colours behind.Floral and turquoise coloured paint are some of the colours that can replace the beauty of red and pink, at the same time adding romance and love to the room. These colours may sound out of the box, but look beautiful when placed on the wall, and are instant mood setters.

Lighting plays an important role in setting a perfect romantic mood in bedroom. Use light that compliments the colour of the room, but avoid going with excessively bright lights. Softer and dimmer lights will instantly set the right mood.

Inspirational antique
Adding beauty from the past will add missing shine in the room. You can add 19th century French designs — who teaches romance better than the French right? You can also add some antique looking mirrors, oversized pillows or an antique wall clock to make the room look inviting.

Adding a few things in the bedroom can do wonders for you. Not only will it keep the mood up, but also help you in remaining calm and tranquil. A happy life is always worth having and allows you to make perfect life decisions.

(The author is founder & creative director, Address Home)