The bowl full of flavours

The bowl full of flavours

Eco-friendly touch

The bowl full of flavours

A little bit of tanginess, a little bit of spice and a whole lot of flavourful memories is exactly what ‘Gundappa Donne Biryani’ in Indiranagar offers.

Just as the name suggests, their main speciality is ‘biryani’. It is not the usual red in colour or masala filled dish but the authentic ‘donne’ style.

For the uninitiated, ‘donne’ literally translates to big cups made from eco-friendly leaves. When the ‘biryani’ is served in it, the blend of spices, coriander and mint leaves with heaps of ‘ghee’ drizzled on it adds to the quintessential aroma that you cannot resist. This particular cooking preparation is popular in the city.

The many offerings at ‘Gundappa Donne Biryani’ are popular among the foodies in the city. Although they are located in a few other hotspots, the branch in Indiranagar is the latest one.

Nestled on the busy street of 100 Feet Road, the restaurant can easily be missed if one is not paying attention. It is located next to the ‘Chemistry’ showroom, close to the KFC signal. The hut-like place is just enough for a small crowd to sit down and eat.

The menu offered is not vast; just a few items but each is unique and delicious in flavour. Be warned that the dishes offered are spicy, however, it is not the kind of spice that is harmful to your body.  Still, accompanying the dishes with lots of water or buttermilk is recommended.

One can relish the ‘Chicken spicy lollipop’ and ‘Chilli chicken’ if you want something a little less spicy. The ‘Guntur chicken’ and ‘Pepper chicken’ cater to those who can handle more spice. They also offer ‘Mutton chops’ and ‘Mutton kheema vada’.

Undeniably, the ‘biryanis’ offered here are a must try. The restaurant offers ‘chicken biryani’ and ‘mutton biryani’. The meat is well-cooked and falls off the bone — just the way it is supposed to.

The quantity is good for one person and is light on the pocket. For details, call 9880023409.