Abattoir ban: 'Baratis' boycott veg dishes at wedding function

Abattoir ban: 'Baratis' boycott veg dishes at wedding function

Abattoir ban: 'Baratis' boycott veg dishes at wedding function

A ban on illegal slaughterhouses across Uttar Pradesh took a toll on wedding festivities in a village here with the 'baratis' refusing to partake the vegetarian platter.

Hamid Ali Ansari had made elaborate arrangements for the wedding of his daughter yesterday but despite all his efforts he could not manage to serve non-vegetarian dishes.

Most of the meat shops in the area have remained closed after the ban on illegal slaughterhouses following which Hamid failed to arrange raw material in the required quantity.

Besides, the prices of mutton and chicken have shot up and it was not freely available in the markets. As a last resort, Hamid served matar-paneer, mushroom and dal makhni to the 'barat' which had come here from Moradabad village under the same Bhojipura police station area where the wedding took place.

It was not just that the 'baratis' who refused food, several guests too objected to the vegetarian dishes, an invitee said. Because of ban on slaughter houses the prices of buffalo meat, otherwise sold around Rs 150 a kg, is selling at Rs 400 and mutton prices have gone up to Rs 600 from Rs 350. Chicken is also selling at Rs 260, double the price of what it was sold earlier.

Around 200 non-veg joints in the district have closed down since the ban on illegal slaughterhouses ordered by the Yogi Adityanath government days after the BJP stormed to power on March 11.

Meanwhile, the municipal corporation has started examining applications for renewal of meat shops for which city commissioner Shildhar Yadav held a meeting in his office this morning, despite today being a holiday.