JEE Main online exam held

JEE Main online exam held

The JEE Main online examination was held on Saturday. Anarghya H a student of DCFL PU College said, “The paper was easy. I felt only Maths was tough. It took me some time to understand the questions. I just had enough time to finish the paper. Chemistry was okay and Physics was average.”

According to Anarghya, more questions from 12th standard syllabus figured in the paper. “I had studied using reference books and solved problems from previous years’ question papers. I’m expecting to score above 120 marks,” she said.

For another student Dhruv Sriram from Deeksha PU College, the paper went well and was similar to that of the offline version. “Chemistry was difficult, Physics and Maths were easy. Actually, I felt Maths was a bit easier than in the offline test. The questions were equally split between 11th and 12th standard syllabi and were mostly calculation-based, less of theory,” he said. Even questions that appear in practicals were asked, he said. “Regular mock tests at college helped me distribute the time. I could attempt all questions and I'm hoping to score above 280 marks.”

Rohan Shrothrium, a student from BASE, was of the opinion that Physics was much better than the offline paper. He also said that Chemistry was moderate and slightly lengthy while Maths was easy.

Meanwhile, another student, Rajagopalan, said that while Physics and Chemistry were moderate, Maths was lengthy.