Jambri Mahotsava in Nettanige from April 27

Jambri Mahotsava in Nettanige from April 27

Sri Bhootabali Utsava, Swayambhoo Guhapravesha and Athirudra Mahayaga will be held in Mahatobhara Sri Mahalingeshwara Temple, Nettanige, near Karnataka-Kerala border in Kasargod, from April 27 to May 3.

Addressing reporters here, Sri Kshetra Nettanige managing trustee N Damodar Maniyani said as per the mythological beliefs, the Shivalinga at the temple was consecrated by a demon called Khara.

Bhootabali Utsava and Rudrayaga will be held at the Kshetra annually while the entering of an ancient cave is held once in 12 years. The ritual ‘Swayambhoo Guhapravesha’ will be observed this year, where two persons called as ‘Kapadas,’ followed by the Tantris (priests) enter the holy cave, considered as the original shrine. Khara, the demon is believed to have come from Kashi, through this cave.

Entry into cave

This time, a newly-selected Kapada Ananda, along with Kapada Babu, will enter the cave on May 5 morning, followed by several rituals at the temple. They will remain inside the cave for about one-and-a-half hour.

Later, two Tantris and torch-bearers will enter the cave and bring the soil from the cave called as ‘Mritthika Prasadam,’ to be distributed among people. The details of the proceedings inside the cave are kept a secret. Kuntaru Vasudeva Tantri and Kuntaru Ravisha Tantri and torch-bearer P Srinivas Rao are the authorised persons this year. No persons other than these five people are supposed to enter into the cave. They should compulsorily observe austerities and protect their chastity for days together, Maniyani said.

Athirudra Yaga will be held from April 27 to May 1. Also, the Bhootabali and Nemotsava will be held on these days. Religious leaders will witness the events.Kalkura Pratishthana chairman Pradeep Kumar Kalkur, publicity committee chairman Akhilesh Nagumugam and food committee member Rajgopal Bhat were present in the press meet.