'I always try to stay level-headed'

'I always try to stay level-headed'

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'I always try to stay level-headed'

English cricketer Sam Billings is a favourite among the Indian Premier League (IPL) spectators, primarily because he readily obliges requests for selfies and never misses a chance to acknowledge his fans. He has been retained by the Delhi Daredevils team this IPL season.

In an interview with Nina C George, Sam shares his experiences.

How has your childhood influenced your choice of career?
I come from a family that was very active in the world of sports. My father and grandfather played active cricket and now I’ve followed suit. As a kid, I used to go to all their matches.

What made you choose cricket?
I’ve played all kinds of sports like rugby, racquets and golf. When I reached an age when I had to focus on one game, I chose cricket because I always had a real passion for it.

How has playing different sports helped you?
Playing every kind of sport improves movement and sharpens one’s thought process. Almost all cricketers have played a different sport before they actually got down to playing real cricket.

Can you imagine cricket without IPL?
Never. I try to lap up as many experiences as I can during the IPL season. The sights in India are so absorbing. This is such a vibrant country and cricket only adds to charm of the place.

Who among the Indian cricketers do you admire?
I like the way Virat trains. Sachin Tendulkar has always been a huge influence. Rahul Dravid has some very interesting insights to share about the game.

A memorable fan moment...
It’s crazy to see the amount of selfies people want to take with cricketers. We are never short of entertainment here in India.

How do you stay positive?
I always try to stay level-headed and enjoy every opportunity that comes my way during the IPL. You have to stay positive because you never know when you will stop playing cricket.