It's all about faith & devotion

It's all about faith & devotion

It's all about faith & devotion

Only a few places in this world continue to preserve mankind’s faith in humanity and religion. They draw crowds from near and far and instill hope and peace in people.

One such place is the famous Faqeer Shah Wali Dargah at Murugamale village, 10 km from Chintamani in Chikkaballapur district. This is one of the most popular shrines in South India. Over a century old, the dargah is a symbol of Hindu-Muslim harmony. It has the tombs of religious gurus Ammajan and Bavajan.

Urs and Qawwali
Ammajan and Bavajan, said to be the descendants of Prophet Muhammad, are believed to have arrived at Murugamale centuries ago. They preached the religion and love, and strived for the betterment of people. They responded to the sufferings of all sections of society. Their discourses were soothing and guided people to the right path. Their words of kindness helped people in their troubled times. Thousands of people visit the dargah even to this day.

As a mark of respect, residents of Murugamale celebrate urs every year on Milad-un-Nabi. The Karnataka State Board of Wakfs partners with local people to organise the event that attracts devotees from different parts of the country. The qawwali programme, too, draws a large audience. Both Hindus and Muslims take part in the urs. Devotees believe that the prayers offered at the dargah reach Allah.

Most of the people paying obeisance here seek solutions to their problems. They pledge to offer chaddar, rose and jasmine at the dargah once their vows are fulfilled, says the mujavar (priest-cum-caretaker of the shrine). Murugamale was earlier known as Chelumakote. A dilapidated fort is the only sign of the reign of the erstwhile palegars (chieftains).

Kashi Shah Wali Dargah, another prominent shrine in the region, is located three kilometres away from Murugamale, at Nimmakayalahalli village. Most of the devotees who visit Faqeer Shah Wali Dargah also go to Kashi Shah Wali Dargah.

Some of them also pray at the Mukteeshwaraswamy Temple that is situated nearby. While faith and devotion reign supreme at these spiritual places, what stands out is the bonhomie between Hindus and Muslims.
(Translated by Jyotsna P Dharwad)