Armed for the season

Armed for the season

Armed for the season

If your intention is to stay at the top of your game and dressed to the T this season, then you will need a nicely stocked handbag. Take a look at the top 10 things a girl must definitely have with her through the day to keep her looking her freshest and fabulous best.

I am betting every girl has at least one shade of lip colour in her pursue along with, maybe, a lip gloss as well as a lip liner. It is important to also moisturise your lips in Summer before you put on your lip colour. So invest in a stick of moisture for your beautiful pout. Apply before lip colour for a plump, pretty smile that will have a healthy shine all Summer.

So here is the low down on sunscreen. The higher the SPF, the better it is for your skin. The SPF of a lotion does not have an influence on the consistency of the cream, so be sure to look for a sunscreen that isn’t too thick or oily to touch and is comfortable enough to wear under makeup. It’s a good idea to substitute your daily moisturiser with sunscreen for at least the next couple of months.

Sunglasses for fashion and sunglasses for utility are too entirely different things. Did you know that the tint on a regular pair of fashionable sun shades does nothing to actually protect your eyes? It’s true! UV protection glasses are specially designed with a clear film to protect your eyes from UV rays. This feature is very seldom found in regular fashionable glasses. So during Summer months, be sure to invest in a good brand of sunnys that have UV protection as a design space.

Blotting papers
What’s that?If you are not already familiar with the beautiful phenomenon that is ‘blotting’, allow me to let you in on this secret. Blotting papers are the perfect solution to remove the excessive oil on your skin. Pick up your blotting pairs and be oil free all Summer long.

Hair serum
Summer brings in the frizz like no other season. It makes sense to reapply or retouch your hair with serum to keep those ‘fly-aways’ at bay. Another good trick with serum for those with oily skin — mix a single squeeze of serum with a little water to get overall coverage or just wet your hair before application. ‘Curly girls’ remember, ‘more is less’, because curly hair requires twice as much or more products than straight hair.

BB cream
Full coverage makeup will almost definitely run in Summer days. So it is wise to use a BB cream which is a bit of coloured foundation mixed with a lot of moisturiser. It is the perfect option for daywear on a hot day.

Re-touching with BB cream is easy as you can wash off and reapply. It makes a good base for makeup too. It may not be the best option coverage-wise, but it will let your skin breathe a lot easier.

Perfume and wet wipes
It’s great to walk into a room and make heads turn just by the way you smell. But to achieve this effect night before that all important 2 pm appointment, can be tricky. Perfume reapplied on skin that isn’t too fresh will result in a not so pleasant mix of odours.

To give your perfume an optimal base, always make sure to use a wet wipe or even better, wash down the area of application. Washing your neck before you apply perfume anytime will refresh your skin and also bring out notes in your perfume.
(Contributed by Pooja Gajraj)