A fine odyssey

A fine odyssey

A fine odyssey

Fully exploring oneself entails stepping out of one’s comfort zone, learning about new cultures and discovering fresh possibilities. Add to this, an excellent geographical location that is well-connected to both hills and plains and it sounds absolutely adventurous. This was the case with Tejas Pendurkar and Prachi, who hail from Maharashtra and have found a perfect life in the city.

The couple have embraced the city as their own. While Tejas works as a senior financial analyst with HP, Prachi runs a startup called ‘Snugbub’. The two live in the city with their twins.

Though their priorities might have changed after becoming parents, the couple never stop their pursuit for fun. Be it exploring new places or cuisines, they are always up to something interesting. “There’s something for everyone here. The many hobby and interest groups add to the vibrant character of the city,” says Tejas.

The family likes visiting a number of cafes and restaurants in the city. “The places we like include ‘Berry’d Alive’, ‘Here & Now’, ‘Indian Paratha Company’ and ‘Rasta Cafe’. We also like visiting ‘MTR’ and ‘Vidyarthi Bhavan’. One is spoilt for choice here,” says Tejas.

Hailing from Ichalkaranji, Tejas’ stint with the city happened because of his job. “Having been in Pune earlier, exploring such a lively city was like a dream come true for me. The weather was the first thing that warmed me up to the city. After six years, the people here, the city’s wonderful vibe and everything connected to it keeps me here,” he says. 

Born and raised in Pune, Prachi always wanted to discover more about herself and this move seemed just right. The couple, who met in Pune during their CA course days, got married and moved to Bengaluru soon after. She says, “The journey has been nothing short of amazing. There was a language barrier initially but the cooperative Bengalureans made up for it. Moving to a different place means new cuisines. The biggest connect with people is the food and it was interesting to make different dishes from the same ingredients that we used. It’s a cross-cultural expedition here.”

Recollecting the good times, Tejas says that from getting assistance while boarding public transport to looking for a new place to stay, he got all the help he needed. “The people here have warmly embraced us. We have always felt at home in Bengaluru,” he says.

Their adventurous spirit led them to form a biking group and visit different places initially, which was the next step to syncing in with the city. “We love the city for its easy access to beautiful spots like Wayanad, Yelagiri Hills, Yercaud and Coorg. The only thing that has changed is that we travel in cars now,” says Tejas with a smile.

Picnic spots like Lalbagh and Cubbon Park excite them and they also like visiting the lakes. “We explore new lakes every month, especially through the events that I hold for young mothers, sharing fitness tips with them and teaching them about babywearing,” says Prachi.

She loves the demography of Bengaluru. “The city has everyone in its folds. There are many nuclear families which brings out the best in most women and pushes them to utilise their potential fully,” she says.

Prachi believes that staying in their present apartment complex leads to many
interesting conversations with different communities. “Be it any festival, all of us get
together and enjoy ourselves. This seemed like a great environment for children to grow up in,” she says.

The city is where the couple have built their lives together and have wonderful memories attached to it. “Bengaluru is a land of options including wonderful job and educational opportunities. This is were our heart lies,” says Prachi.