'I didn't know anything about Carlos'

'I didn't know anything about Carlos'

'I didn't know anything about Carlos'

Jessica Felix and West Indian cricketer Carlos Brathwaite dated for five years before they got engaged on March 17 this year. Carlos is with Delhi Daredevils this IPL season. Jessica accompanied Carlos last year on the IPL tour and is on board this year as well.

A physiotherapist by profession, Jessica says that the best part about her relationship with Carlos is the trust and faith that they have in each other.

Jessica, who was in the city recently for the match between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Delhi Daredevils, chats with Nina C George, about cricket, food and more.

Could you tell us how you and Carlos met?
Carlos found me on social media and started messaging me. After a point, I gave in.

Did you know about his celebrity status before you started seeing each other?
I didn’t know anything about Carlos. I like him for who he is and not because he’s a cricketer.

Has the engagement changed anything in your life?
Nothing has changed. The engagement clashed with my birthday and I couldn’t have asked for a better gift.  

What is the best thing about your relationship?
Carlos never fails to make me laugh. We both have the freedom to laugh at each other and also criticise each other. I enjoy the openness we share.
What is the best part of travelling with Carlos during IPL?
Travelling with him ensures that he gets a piece of home and a piece of normality.

Did you get a chance to explore Bengaluru when  Carlos is playing here?
I attend all the matches. When we were in Bengaluru, we went to Garuda Mall and the only movie that we could watch was ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Generally, we don’t like shopping in malls and would rather visit the markets and shop there.

Any souvenirs from India that you want to take back home?
I love the junk jewellery that is sold on the street. I also shop for scarves, tops and sometimes buy a sari for my mother. Last year, I got a sari made for myself and a jacket stitched for Carlos.

Does the celebrity status interfere with your personal life?  
We don’t think of ourselves as celebrities. That is also what keeps us grounded.

Your thoughts about Indian food?
We always prefer eating at local restaurants that serve authentic Indian food rather than dining in five star hotels. But we also refrain from eating street food.