On my pinboard- Gul Panag

On my pinboard- Gul Panag

On my pinboard- Gul Panag

Actor, traveller, entrepreneur, biker, licensed pilot — there are few things Gul Panag can’t do. The winner of the ‘Miss India’ title in 1999, who was crowned ‘Miss Beautiful Smile at the same pageant, Gul, has also participated in the ‘Miss Universe’ pageant.
Popular for her impressive performances in films like ‘Ambarsariya’, ‘Turning 30’, ‘Manorama Six Feet Under’, ‘Dhoop’ and ‘Dor’, Gul’s body of work has covered sensitive social issues.

Sebastian Junger

“I am presently reading ‘Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging’ by Sebastian Junger and I really like his writing style and presentation. I also like ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ by Ken Follett. It is historical fiction and makes for some insightful reading. I’ve read everything from classics to non-fiction. It is important to keep reading all the time because books helps us escape from the pettiness we see around us.”  

Hillary Clinton

“Different people have inspired me at different stages of my life. It is impossible for me to zero in on just one or two people. I’ve been inspired by Hillary Clinton who fought the fight despite the odds and Mandira Bedi because she always embraces every challenge that comes her way.

In school I was inspired by the head girl Tahira as well as my English teacher Shantha Mathai, who was known for her graceful demeanour. I also admire my father Harcharanjit Singh Panag for his honesty. He would never get swayed by the tide.”

Film personality
Anushka Sharma

“Anushka Sharma has been able to decide and set her own agenda which is fantastic. I also find Swara Bhaskar and Vidya Balan doing very different kind of work. I feel the film industry, as a whole, is now open to moving away from the beaten path.  Films are a mirror to society and can’t always invent something that doesn’t really exist.”

‘Maroon 5’
“I believe that music is like your soundtrack to life. I enjoy listening to anything from rock to folk music. Some of my favourites are bands like ‘Maroon 5’, ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’ and a few others from the 80s that have churned out timeless albums. I also like jazz a lot. A typical evening at home will have me listening to this genre.”


“My trip to Shillong was extremely refreshing because you come face to face with a life that you are not aware off. Travel puts a lot of things into perspective.  My husband and I also take short trips to places around Mumbai and Pune; places that are in the middle of nowhere. I’ve travelled overseas but I think that there is a lot more to be seen and experienced in India.

Since I am presently working on the ‘Season 2’ of ‘Off Road with Gul Panag’, I am getting to do a lot more travelling.”

‘Dal roti sabji’
“I am most content with a plate of ‘Dal roti sabji’. I don’t give too much importance to food. I see it as a fuel to function and don’t look at it beyond that. Food doesn’t really excite me, for me it seems a very basic thing to get excited about. It’s sad but I am really indifferent when it comes to this.” 

(As told to Nina C George)