'We are a very balanced team'

'We are a very balanced team'

'We are a very balanced team'

The young breed of cricketers describe the Indian Premier League (IPL) season as a ‘phenomenon of sorts’. And Shivil Kaushik, player with the Gujarat Lions, feels that the IPL brings together the world of cricket under one roof. The young man confesses that he always wanted to be a cricketer and his family has been very supportive in helping him achieve his goal.

In an interview with Nina C George, Shivil talks about his love for the game and more.  

What prompted you to choose cricket as a career?
My father and I used to play cricket on the street in front of our house. These were my first steps into the world of cricket. I chose it because I think it is a great leveller. There are both good days and bad ones but you learn to handle all kinds of situations.

How does it feel to be a part of Gujarat Lions?
We are a very balanced team and this balance brings in a lot of positivity.

What is it that you like about the IPL?
It is a great platform for young cricketers to learn a thing or two from overseas players. The IPL provides great exposure.

How does your family feel about you being selected for the IPL?
My father always wanted me to play cricket and my mother never misses a single game on television. My friends are waiting to cheer for me when I play in my hometown Bengaluru.

What have you learnt from the senior players in your team?
The seniors know how to prepare before a game and they handle pressure very well. Youngsters, like me, can certainly draw from their experiences and learn.
How has your captain Suresh Raina influenced you?
Suresh always says that it is important to handle pressure well to be able to perform well.

Do you introduce your foreign counterparts to Indian food and culture?   
All the foreign players love Indian food, especially the ‘curries’. Sadly, this year, we haven’t been able to move around much because of the tight schedule.

You are also a part of the Karnataka Premier League...
Yes. I feel the IPL is more fast-paced than the Karnataka Premier League (KPL). The tight schedule really tires the players. The KPL is a bit more relaxed.