DPUE to inspect hostels run by colleges

DPUE to inspect hostels run by colleges

The Department of Pre-University Education (DPUE) has instructed deputy directors of DPUE in every district to inspect all private, aided and unaided colleges which run hostels for accommodating students.

The circular issued by the department instructs officials to check if hostel managements have taken permission from the competent authority to run the hostels. “There are competent authorities from whom permission has to be taken. This may be the Social Welfare department or the Minorities Welfare department. We have instructed our officials to ensure that these establishments have the necessary permissions and are following rules,” said C Shikha, director, DPUE.

Officials have been instructed to visit these establishments for a physical inspection. If they do have permission, officials have to check if they have necessary basic facilities like provision of safe drinking water, proper ventilation in kitchens and safety measures like CCTV cameras.

If the hostel establishments do not have the required permission, officials have been instructed to issue notice to the management and immediately recommend closure of the premises to the district deputy commissioner.

In addition, officials have been directed to ensure that colleges are not involved in the practice of obtaining permission to start one branch and then opening new branches using the same permission.

If such instances are detected, officials have been told by the DPUE to withdraw permission for all branches.