Time Inc's Bengaluru CoE disrupting biz

Time Inc's Bengaluru CoE disrupting biz

Time Inc, the 100-year-old $3.1-billion US-based publishing house with  close to 100 iconic brands under its umbrella, has stated that its newly established Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Bengaluru strives to further disrupt adtech space around the globe.

In an interaction with DH, Time Inc Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Gregory Giangrande said the company is going through a transformative journey.

“Since we have more firms which create content, there is a lot of companies that are in adtech. We have lots of companies that have more consumers and research, but there are a few companies that can put all three of these elements together with scale,” he said.

He pointed out that most content companies are going through transformation that they source talent from technology and ad technology. “They are availing traditional print content and from every other medium, both social media and visual media. These companies bring out data targeting adtech,” he said.

Giangrande said that the CoE helps Time Inc to scale its talent capabilities for further product development, product engineering, research and come up with insights. “The CoE helps us bring growth that comes from scale. It also helps other organisations take leverage on the product capabilities built here,” he said.

He said that within two years, Time Inc will be content-agnostic that it will offer content in every medium.


Time Inc also ramping up strength in Bengaluru by 20% annually. Giangrande said that this year, the company will further ramp up its analytics team.

“Through analytics, we will know our users’ tastes better and thus be able to serve them and our clients very well. As a consequence, we are going to establish proprietary technology in the space,” he said.

Commenting on the team in India, he added that Time Inc India is marching rapidly towards bigger goals, increased growth and a multiplying skill-set to adapt to the fast-paced corporate industry. Currently, the company has around 100 data scientists globally and the mandate is to hire up to 200 this year.

Time Inc’s current revenue model is via working with clients as partners to provide technology resources, research skills and insights to further enhance technology services, shared services and business analytics. The other verticals like video, native, licensing, branding and other platforms like television and OTT, also represent growth area.

Commenting on the Netflix business model, he pointed out that it has about 50 million subscribers and Time Inc has about 30 million subscribers who are essentially buying content in print or in digital.