When movement speaks volumes

When movement speaks volumes

When movement speaks volumes

It’s expressions and movements that define Avril Stormy Unger and her work. The choreographer and performance artiste from Bengaluru is also the founder of ‘The Storm Factory’, an independent dance collective that finds expression through movement arts and collaborations with people from different artistic backgrounds.

She recently collaborated with Indiana native and one of electronic music’s key movers and shakers, Jlin, for the ‘Boiler Room’ event held in the city recently.
In a chat with Anila Kurian, Avril throws light on the experience and about her other independent projects.

Did you always wanted to be a dancer?
Music has always been a big part of my life. I also sing and used to be a DJ. Growing
up, I was heavily influenced by television and music videos that I wanted to become a singer. But then I grew up and realised that I wanted to express myself and that’s why dance became more of a priority. However, I still try to sing through my movements and be the voice it needs.

What inspires you to choreograph a piece?
It changes from time to time. It could be about something that is troubling or exciting, about social behaviours, conditioning and freedom. It’s mostly based on feelings and how one reacts to them.

How did you and Jlin meet?
I first heard her music two years ago when she released her album. I found her music interesting and that inspired me to dance. Soon enough, someone connected us on social media and Jhil saw some of my performances and she was interested. After a year of exchanging music with each other, we decided to come together for the event.

What is it about her music that inspired you? 
Jlin’s music is heavily influenced by folk sound and I like working with folk music. I guess we found a match between our expressions.

You also work on independent performances. Which one is your favourite so far?
It’s actually an ongoing project called ‘Only Time Will Tell’. As the name suggests, time is the main medium of expression. It’s about questioning urban living using time as an expression. I have been performing them on the streets and I’m always on the look out for public spaces to perform.

Why the streets?
It’s quite amazing! I love performing for people who can’t make it to a regular show. It’s interesting to catch them off guard a few minutes in between their work schedule and to know their live reactions. It’s challenging but a lot of fun.