'Anant sir is a walking encyclopedia'

'Anant sir is a walking encyclopedia'

'Anant sir is a walking encyclopedia'

Actor Radhika Chetan has been on a high since her film ‘U Turn’ happened. After winding up shoots for a couple of projects like ‘BB5’ and ‘Coffee Thotta’, the young artiste is now busy with the shoot of ‘Hottegaagi Genu Battegaagi’.

In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, she talks about her latest project and her role.

From ‘U Turn’ till now, how has Sandalwood treated you?
I’ve been lucky to portray some really nice characters here. Working in these roles has been an amazing journey for me. I got to learn about the nuances of filmmaking and more with each project. Each role has been a learning experience.

The varied roles you’re enacting in your projects...
While in ‘BB5’, I play a naughty charming energetic girl, in the female-oriented project called ‘Coffee Thotta’, I play the owner of the coffee ‘thotta’. The movie revolves around my role and is a thriller.  

What is special about ‘Hottegaagi Genu Battegaagi’?
To work with Anant Nag sir and carry the film on your shoulders is like a dream come true. The movie has a bit of both comedy and drama. The script is well-
balanced and has been handled really well.

How was it to act with Anant Nag?
Everyone knows that he is a brilliant actor. For me, it was like a fan moment. I tried my best to not sound overexcited. He’s a very senior actor but he made me feel very comfortable. The first time I met him, he told me about the nuances of my character. I felt very comfortable working with him. Anant sir is a walking encyclopedia yet he’s very grounded.

An interesting moment on the set.
Sometimes, Anant sir would break into a song and that  would be the best thing one could ask for. I was awestruck and moments like these felt really magical.   

Challenges you faced during the shoot.
The character I portray is completely opposite to what I am in real life. To bring in all the characteristics required for the role meant a lot of hard work for me. Anant sir helped me a lot for the same.

What did you enjoy the most about the movie?
I love dancing. After ‘RangiTaranga’, it felt absolutely wonderful to dance again. I felt alive. I was hoping for a project which I could dance in. While it was a semi-classical performance in ‘RangiTaranga’, I display some Western and classical moves in ‘Hottegaagi...’.

How different is this film?
This movie is like a welcome break. I grabbed the opportunity as it was a non-thriller movie. I’m looking forward to the audience seeing another side of me in the film, be it the character or the way I’m presented through the script.