High on adrenaline

High on adrenaline

Club culture

High on adrenaline

At a time when a stressful corporate lifestyle is seen to be taking a toll on one’s mind and health, finding time to indulge in activities that one is passionate about is a great source of motivation.

This was exactly why Priya Darshini and Bharat Chetry started the ‘Night Trekking Club BLR’ in 2015. Till date, the group has done six treks to places like Hogenakkal Falls, Shivanasamudra, Mekedatu, Nandi Hills, Anthargange and Gokarna.
Most of their treks are organised at night in different parts of Karnataka, though some are also undertaken during the day.

“Priya and I were in the same friend circle and being the adventure enthusiast that she is, Priya suggested that we could perhaps have our own trekking group with people who are equally passionate about this popular sport. Since all of us have been members of different trekking groups in the city, the idea of having our own club sounded exciting,” says Bharat.   
Though the majority of its 12 members are young working professional, this group also sees active participation from a few college students.

“We always hire a guide while trekking. This makes the journey much easier. It is mandatory to have one’s sleeping bag and tents if we are heading for a night trek,” explains Bharat.

The club organises a night trek every quarter and day treks once every month. A small group of 10-15 people is what they aim for to facilitate  easy and smooth movement.

“Our first trek was to Anthargange. I got interested in night treks as my desire for adventure and quest for exploration doubles as the night falls. We go for treks to take a break from the monotonous life and to find solace in the tranquillity of nature,” says Partha Das, a member of the club.

 Kranthi Kumar, another member of the group, loves to explore nature in its raw form and that was how he was introduced to trekking five years ago.

“When one of my colleagues told me about this group, the concept of ‘night treks’ caught my attention. And that is what made me join this group. As of now, I am  looking forward to our next nighttime trek to Makalidurga,” he says.

Manabi Kalita, student and active member of the club, says that she has been a part of four treks till now and looks forward to many more.

“I am an adventurous girl, but for me, more than having fun while trekking, it is about gaining knowledge about that place. Learning about a different culture and people has always been a pleasure. Since these treks happen only on the weekends, I don’t miss out on my college either,” she says.

Suryanshu Dutta, who got to know about the group through their Facebook page, says that social media is a great platform to connect with like-minded people.

“I had been an active trekker when I was in Mumbai. It has been an enthralling experience to be with this group and explore places that are lesser known,” he says. “We primarily cover at least two to 10 km one way. However, it also depends on the terrain. Overcoming  fear and reaching the destination gives me an adrenaline rush and this is what keeps me motivated.”

(The club can be contacted through their Facebook page)