'I get excited about simple things'

'I get excited about simple things'

Candid chat

'I get excited about simple things'

Actor Kavya Shetty, who was last seen in ‘Smile Please’, is looking forward to her upcoming movie ‘Siliconn City’ with excitement. Despite her role being small, she is positive that the film will leave a mark on her career. In a chat with Tini Sara Anien, the actor sheds light on her role and the project.
Tell us about the ‘Siliconn City’ experience.

It’s the story of two brothers essayed by Srinagar Kitty and Suraj Gowda. I play the love interest of the character played by Kitty. My role is that of a simple middle-class girl and how I support the person I love till the end. This is the remake of the Tamil ‘Metro’.

How different is your role from those you have played earlier?

The characters I played earlier were bold and strong. They were loud and glamourous and sometimes even had an arrogant streak. Unlike that, this character, Prerana, is very sober.

Narrate an interesting experience from ‘Siliconn City’.

More than the shoot itself, I remember the ‘look test’  I had for the role. I had put on makeup to look my smashing best but the director gave me a wet tissue and asked me to wipe off my entire makeup. I needed to look my natural self for the role.

How similar are you to your character in the movie?

I’m a simple person though I’m not sure what people think about me. I get excited about simple things in life and that is how my character  is. I’m sure every role that an artiste gets to play has some trait they can identify with.
What did you take back from the project?

I can’t always put that in words but I’ll say that there was a lot of energy on the sets. This made the shoot a fun experience everyday. There was a great atmosphere on the sets.

What’s next?

I have another romantic-thriller lined up for which the shooting will start next month. I’ve also winded up ‘3 Ghante 30 Dina’ with Arun and the post-production of the film is going on. I play a rich girl who runs a TV channel. I’m all excited!