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The power of politics

Watch Wag The Dog on WB on June 4 at 8 pm. The movie stars Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro and Kirsten Dunst and has been directed by Barry Levinson.

Based on the novel American Hero by Larry Beinhart, Academy Award winners Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman star in a tale of politics, power and Hollywood so outrageous that it could be true. Two weeks before re-election, the President of the United States is accused of accosting a girl scout.

Before the news reaches the media, his advisors call in a political consultant specialising in image rescues.

They hire a Hollywood producer to create a war distracting public attention from the scandal and rallying Americans to their President in surge of patriotic fervour.

It’s now time to get stumped

ESPN Star Sports presents an interactive quiz show titled Stumped.
The show will be telecast on Star Cricket every day of the week. This is the first time that sports channel is telecasting a live, interactive quiz.

This hour-long show will hosted by Indian model and television anchor Shonali

With a live format that entails a high level of viewer interactivity, the viewer/cricket fan sitting at home is given the chance to play and win prizes.

The show will also have representation from cricket stars as well as celebrities
giving chance to cricket fans to have an interaction on live television.
According to RC Venkateish, Managing Director, ESPN Software India Pvt Ltd, “There is a huge interest for an interactive cricket based quiz show which allows fans to test their knowledge of the game while at the same time giving them an opportunity to win interesting prizes.

Stumped is an attempt to fulfil this need. This show is also an extension of the live programming line-up during “ICC World Twenty20.”

“We have already aired the show between May 11 to 24 with Wasim Akram as the celebrity guest to gauge the initial feedback. The response has been overwhelming from cricket lovers across the nation and we expect that the participation levels will
be higher during the “ICC World Twenty20.”

Former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram, celebrity guest on Stumped said, “It is a unique program as the fans can interact live, answer live and win jackpots. In a country which has a cricket expert in every house, the concept of Stumped will surely be lapped up. The initial two weeks were very exciting as we received innumerable calls from across the country.”

Shonali, the host of show said, “I am glad to have been given the opportunity to host this spectacular show. The live interactive sessions are quite challenging but I love every moment of it.”

Watch the programme on June 4 at 9 pm.

Food of Gods

Discovery Travel and Living presents Confidential Series, which reveals all the secrets about the world’s best and most popular things from denims to wines and hairstyles. In this episode, learn more about the food of Gods as it is the most popular flavour in the world.

Chocolate Confidential reveals the lengths to which some pople will go to pursue their passion for chocolates. Some would say that chocolate rivals sex as a universal obsession. You can eat it, drink it, it’s good for your heart and can even be a beauty tool — chocolate is a billion dollar industry. Watch Chocolate Confidential on June 4 at 10 pm.