Make style while the sun shines

Make style while the sun shines

Make style while the sun shines

Summer is back and everything’s bright. But do your interiors match up to the bright sunny days? Time to remove the dark shades and heavy furniture and get some breezy fabrics, cool prints and bright accessories to rule the house this season. You may want to completely change the look or simply re-organise and accentuate certain parts.

Biggies out of the way

Big and bold furniture, dark shades and thick drapes are a definite no-no. ‘Keep it simple, keep it cool’ should be the mantra this season. Low tables, floor pillows, and mats are the in-thing. Throw them liberally in open spaces and make a cool hang-out zone for yourself. Also, pick colours very carefully. Sofas and beds with pastel shades, flowery prints or light hues are the best to opt for.

Heavy furniture obstructs healthy energy from flowing all over the place. So, go for light sofas and tables, or at least change the drapes and fabrics that render a light look. Summer is the time when even looking at bright and vibrant shades and prints uplifts the mood. So, throw open the doors and windows, pull back the curtains, and get rid of pieces that are dark, gloomy, or fussy. Pack away heavy accessories, throws, and unnecessary small decor items.

Texture talk

If silks and tussars were ruling all through winters, it’s time they make way for
cottons and linens. Cottons are soft and breathy and make for a healthy material in summer. These days, there are breathable textures and materials that make it all the more hygienic for households, especially with children, pets and the elderly. 

Inspiration – bright & sunny

Brighten dark walls with colourful art pieces. Affordable pieces can be found just about anywhere — online or at flea markets and resale shops. A large piece or a collection of smaller pieces also provides a blank-wall solution for large, open rooms. Bright botanical prints instantly lift a room’s spirits. To let the motif truly shine, keep the wall colour neutral and other accessories to a minimum. Pick up lime greens, sea and sky blues, pastels, lilacs and mauves and see how they create an enthralling

“A Mediterranean, Italian, French or Tudor look is not difficult to create. Look for the right elements — be it furniture, upholstery, drapes, artefacts, colours, plants, visual elements like water bodies, lighting etc. There’s now an easier and wider availability of home decor products and designs for consumers. Moreover, online purchase is the fastest way to get your favourite design elements from anywhere in the world,” says Delhi-based interior designer Saarika Sethi.


Wrought iron is a versatile material that can be taken anywhere from living room, study, garden, bedroom or even the bathroom. It’s clean and lean lines make for a good summer decor item. The metal goes well with just about any decorating style — from rustic to traditional to modern to contemporary. Wrought iron is a noticeable material that makes a distinct statement. It can highlight a focal point, or can create a focal point with the addition of a few bold accessories.

If you are looking to create a focal point on a wall, adding a beautiful piece of wrought iron wall art along with wrought iron sconces on each side can give just the focal point you are looking for. Wrought iron bed posts are a common sight these days. Look out for frames that go with your decor and personality for your bedroom.

“My wrought iron garden table and chairs are my prized possession,” says Aarti Shreshtha. “The furniture adds a special feel to the space and we have started using the garden area more often now,” she adds. Living rooms too can be infused with a character by adding some wrought iron statues, lamps, book holders, clock frames or even windows for that matter. A wrought iron book case can be an
interesting addition to the study.

Flowers are a good idea!

Insert bright, summery colours with freshly picked flowers. Stick to arrangements featuring bright colours such as bold oranges, radiant yellows, or vibrant pinks. Small bright clusters made to sit pretty in a corner can lift up moods instantly. “Be creative and dig out pretty glassware or silverware that can be used to accentuate a table or perhaps hold summer fruits and flowers,” says art enthusiast Swapna Soni. 

Summer scents

It’s a good idea to even switch scents as seasons give way to each other. Go for fresh scents, such as ocean breeze or cucumber-melon, or lavender and lemons. These instantly refresh the mind and body and also add to the overall appeal of the room. Of course, fresh flowers with a scent are a bonus, but they’re not available all the time.

So, have some pretty flowers sit in a vase and sprinkle them with a scent or have a diffuser close to them! And keep people guessing. “Camphor is another cooling agent that can be used for aroma. Essential oils too are a good way of attracting positive energy,” says Delhi-based aroma therapy healer Nandita Pandey.

DIY projects

l Weathered watering cans may serve as interiors style quotient too. Arrange choicest flowers in a can laid with a bed of healthy soil. The cans are easily available in garage sales and flea markets. Paint them if you like or maintain the rustic look. You can keep on changing the plants or flowers as you please.

l Another great idea is to have a small garden fountain installed or a small waterfall on the corner of the balcony. Decorate with bird feeder, watering cans, stone carvings etc.

l Prep up some flowers like tulips, lilies etc by giving them a fresh cut at 45 degree angle. Now, remove any foliage that may fall below the water line, as leaves in the water will create bacteria that will shorten the life of the flowers. Create a base and place bigger floral blooms making them the focal point. Now add small flowers or accent flowers like clematis and saponaria. You may add some foliage by adding olive branches as the green element. Don’t over crowd. Have a long lasting bouquet by clipping off the stems every couple of days and do add fresh water.

Whatever style or arrangement you follow, just remember, it’s summer time so keep it cool, keep it simple and let it breathe!