Oxygen injections to rejuvenate gasping lake

Oxygen injections to rejuvenate gasping lake

Oxygen injections to rejuvenate gasping lake

A Bengaluru startup has offered to help revive Bellandur lake by introducing oxygen injections into the polluted waterbody.

Sunandan Lala, technical consultant at PCI Gases, told DH that they can offer a free month-long demonstration on how inducing dissolved oxygen injections into the lake helps revive it.

“This method is common in Europe, but has never been tried here. If the government gives us a 8x6 metre plot, in a month we assure positive results. The government will just have to provide us the electricity to operate our machines,” he said.

Explaining the model, he said they have equipment filled with oxygen. Into this, a small quantity of lake water is mixed and then released back into the lake.

“As the lake is highly polluted, oxygen cannot be introduced directly into it. Hence, it has to be dissolved with the same water and then released into the lake. This is effective as oxygen can be induced as and when required,” he said.

“We have a 30-35 cubic feet cylinder ready at our plant in Bommasandra to be used immediately. We are a three-month-old organisation in the city, generating oxygen for hospitals and industries,” he said.

Lala said this method would not cost the government more than Rs 4 lakh to 5 lakh and can be adopted along with to other methods for quick results, especially on improving the water quality.