Different strokes

Different strokes

Summer fun

Different strokes

The summer heat definitely makes one want to splash in the swimming pool but what is even more important to understand is that swimming is a life skill which must be taught from a young age.

The Nettakallappa Aquatic Centre in Padmanabhanagar offers a unique experience to those wanting to learn swimming. The two large (one six-lane and the other eight-lane) pools and one baby pool are the striking features of the Centre.

Affiliated to the Karnataka Swimming Association, the Nettakallappa Aquatic Centre, located in the Deccan International School campus, provides Olympic-sized swimming pools and state-of-the-art facilities. Started in 2012, the Centre is committed to promoting young talent and encouraging swimming among those seeking a healthy work-life balance.

This Summer, the Centre has put together a structured holistic swimming education programme focussing on teaching swimming and water safety. Each level is broken down into 18 sessions. The teachers are trained in the Austswim - Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety, an Australian national council for swimming teaching

Most parents, who are bringing their children for the ongoing summer camp at the Centre, say that they are impressed with the approach of the camp. It’s not just about teaching children and adults attending the camp how to swim but also giving them tips on safety and rescue in case of any untoward incident.

Aruna Suravi, a homemaker, is impressed with the methodology adopted by the coaches at the Centre. “The children are not only taught the basics of swimming but are also given an insight into the advanced levels. It is value for money,” says Aruna. 

Bhagyalakshmi, another homemaker, decided to admit her five-year-old daughter Reshika, after she saw how clean the place is. “The most important thing is clean water and a healthy atmosphere. We found exactly what we were looking for in this place. The training is also very different from what is available at other swimming camps across the city,” says Bhagyalakshmi.

The coaches and trainers take people through a step-by-step programme that has been put together after a lot of thought. Bharathi B L, the pool manager, explains that at the end of the beginner’s programme, one will gain ‘water confidence’ which includes breathing underwater, floating and movement. “We will familiarise people with basic freestyle and backstroke movements. Techniques involved in water safety and rescue skills are also taught,” says Bharathi. She adds that a certificate will be given after each level and this is helpful in moving to the next one.

Ankush Kanbarkar, NIS swimming coach and supervisor at the Centre, explains that the introductory level (level one) will orient the child to the aquatic environment through a series of activities. “People will be taught the basics of mobility like movement, grip and balance. They will be given confidence and made to feel safe in water. We will also introduce techniques like submerging and bubbling underwater for five seconds,” says Ankush. In level two, the learners will be introduced to freestyle and backstroke which will be taught with a focus on technique and efficiency. “Learners will be taught how to perform tumble turns and underwater movement.

Efficient freestyle and backstroke 30 metre, deep water object recovery and reach rescue will also be taught. Here, water safety activities will continue and move into the deep end,” adds Ankush. Level three will focus on refining the freestyle and backstroke techniques. Breast stroke and dolphin kicks are also introduced at this stage. Swimmers will learn about aquatic hazards and rescuing people.  The training provided here will prepare learners for every kind of water experience, feels Lalithambike T C, a parent.

“This is the only place that has a structured way of teaching swimming,” says Sandhya H J, a parent. The second summer camp at the Centre is from April 22 to May 13 and the third camp from May 14 to June 3. The timings for kids above four years is 6 am to 6 pm. For adults, it is 5 am to 9 pm. There are limited seats only. It is located at 47/1/40, 18th Main Road, Padmanabhanagar. For details, call 26250600/ 40976591.