College staffer booked for blackmailing administrator

College staffer booked for blackmailing administrator

An employee of Sambhram Institute of Technology, MS Palya, has been booked for threatening to rape the wife and daughter of the college administrator over a financial matter.

Based on a complaint filed by Ajitesh, the administrator of the college, the police registered a case against Anurag Srivatsav, an employee of the college.

According to the police, Ajitesh would collect extra money to allot seats in the engineering section. On learning about this, Srivatsav demanded a share of the money, threatening to expose him if he did not accede to it. However, Ajitesh refused to pay him. An irked Srivatsav started threatening him, but Ajitesh ignored the threats.

He sent a series of vulgar text messages on April 9 between 11 pm and 2 am to the mobile phones of Ajitesh and his. He had also threatened to rape his wife and daughter, said the police. Ajitesh lodged a complaint as he could no longer bear Srivatsav’s torture, said the police.

Srivatsav obtained bail in the case.