healthi uses predictive analytics to personalise health check

healthi uses predictive analytics to personalise health check

healthi uses predictive analytics to personalise health check
For both Rekuram Varadharaj and Krishna Ulagaratchagan, friends from high school days, healthi is close to their heart. Both founded, and also worked in other organisations before stumbling upon the idea of preventive healthcare.

Ulagaratchagan, who was travelling at least 20 days in a month across the world, was concerned about his health and went for a health check-up only to question himself what next after getting the report. “You do a health check-up, get all reports, glance them and walk out, without doing much for preventive healthcare. Also, the report you get is impossible to understand. While I was discussing this with Varadharaj, we decided to take this concept in a big way, and that’s how healthi was launched in 2014,” says Ulagaratchagan.

Combining healthcare and technology, healthi makes use of big data models and predictive analytics as a foundation to personalise a health check from among 9.7 million options.

“We have the ability to analyse data, and then we thought how can we make preventive health truly easy and impactful. People have questions like ‘what should I continue to do after knowing my health status, and who can help me out’. healthi answers every question, as we have built analytics that help predict risk,” says Varadharaj.

healthi has developed scientifically validated IP around chronic disease risk prediction models and analytics. It uses such predictive analytics, personalisation algorithms, and machine learning models to improve healthcare outcomes for employees in many leading companies in India.

Apart from booking appointments, choosing suitable packages, one can also choose the provider, get tested and receive results online through healthi.

“After providing details on your lifestyle and history, among others, one get a result that is easy to understand. It will show how healthy one is, what should one do to continue or improve his/her health, or what kind of lifestyle changes need to be done,” explains Varadharaj, adding that healthi has a research partnership with the Indian government on the efficacy of chronic disease prediction models.

“We also have a content partnership with Mayo Clinic and over 6,000 articles are available for users,” the founders say. The bootstrapped startup, which is now looking to raise funds, has grown 9X year-over-year in the first two years of operations. For its health check offering, it has tied up with the leading diagnostic and imaging laboratories, clinics and hospitals in India.

“We are in 40 locations in Bengaluru, and 600 centres across the country. There is so much opportunity in India, and we want to tap the Indian market first, before foraying into other countries,” says Ulagaratchagan. healthi boasts of having facilitated more than 10 lakh tests with an over 95% user-satisfaction rating and over 90% customer retention.