Yogi invokes Krishna, says India had cashless system in 'Dwapara Yug'

Yogi invokes Krishna, says India had cashless system in 'Dwapara Yug'
Cashless system existed in India in 'Dwapara Yug', five thousand years ago and the example of the same could be found in the tales from the Hindu mythology, according to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Speaking at a function organised on the occasion of Panchayati Raj  Day here on Monday, Adityanath said that the best example of cashless transaction could be found in the famous story of Lord Krishna and latter's childhood friend Sudama, a poor Brahmin. The two studied together.
According to the tales, Sudama, on the prodding of his wife, had approached Lord Krishna, the King of Dwarika, for financial help. Krishna warmly welcomed Sudama at his palace but did not extend any financial help to him. Legend has it that Krishna had even washed Sudama's feet upon latter's arrival at his court.
''Lord Krishna did not give any money to Sudama prompting the latter to conclude that Krishna had become arrogant after becoming king,'' the chief minister said.
''But after reaching at his village Sudama found that his life had completely changed....there was now a palace in place there...Sudama had got more than he had expected...Krishna did help Sudama but without any cash transaction,'' Adityanath said.
''This had happened five thousand years back....today we claim to be developed and yet we make cash payments,'' the chief minister remarked.
Adityanath said that the panchayats in the country could give a big boost to cashless transactions by encouraging payments using different Apps. ''The Bheem App can be used by the panchayat members to make cashless payments,'' he added.
Yogi said that the note ban decision by prime minister Narendra Modi was a historic step and it had resulted in increased cashless transactions.
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