High time now to control anarchist 'gau rakshaks': Owaisi

High time now to control anarchist 'gau rakshaks': Owaisi

High time now to control anarchist 'gau rakshaks': Owaisi

Alleging that the NDA government is not sincere in reining in cow vigilantes, the AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi today said it is high time that a stern action is taken against them.

"The problem is that this government which is in power does not want to implement the full force of law on them (cow vigilantes). They have a soft corner for them and that is why these 'gaurakshaks' are emboldened because they know for a fact that they have a party in power which is ideologically sharing the same thought with them," Owaisi told reporters here.

The "anarchy" of cow vigilantes would only grow if they are not controlled, the Hyderabad MP said.

"They are the part of the RSS and the BJP knows that very well. Either the government stop them, or if not, very soon, we will be seeing anarchy committed by so-called 'gaurakshaks' who are committing acts of terrorism against innocent people," he said.

Owaisi demanded that action should be taken against those who allegedly attacked Kashmiri students in different educational institutions in the recent past.

"Kashmir is an integral part of India. What about Kashmiris then. It is high time that the Government of India, instead of issuing only appeals, implement the law. Provide them safety and anyone indulging in such criminal acts should be arrested," he said.

Many students from Kashmir are studying in educational institutions in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and other states after the Prime Minister's scholarship was announced, he said.

Reacting to the reports about Aadhaar-like UID numbers for cows to check smuggling, Owaisi said the priorities of the government are "misplaced" as it has allegedly cut down funds for Anganwadi centres and for the welfare of women and children.

"You check smuggling. But, this government's priorities are completely misplaced," he said.