Cops suspect rowdy Nagaraj hiding in Tamil Nadu

Cops suspect rowdy Nagaraj hiding in Tamil Nadu

Cops suspect rowdy Nagaraj hiding in Tamil Nadu

Police, who have launched a manhunt for V Nagaraj, a history-sheeter from Srirampuram, are analysing the video that he released to media and its source to ascertain his whereabouts.

The police believe he is holed up in Tamil Nadu. Nagaraj's house and office in Srirampuram were raided by the police on April 15 where they recovered Rs 14.8 cr in demonetised notes.

The police, who are analysing the video with the help of experts, claim that the recording was done on a boat. The bedsheet used as a backdrop while Nagaraj was speaking in the video footage are commonly used on boats, the police said. In the video, Nagaraj was seen saying he left his house on the eve of the raid on his house and office and he came “this side”. The “side” he refers to in all probability is Tamil Nadu, the police suspect.

The police have informed their counterparts in Tamil Nadu about the case and the suspect. An officer from the special team assigned the task of arresting Nagaraj has informed a senior police officer in the city that the history-sheeter's arrest is imminent. The police team is also aware that Nagaraj had some friends who operated boats in Tamil Nadu. He is not using a mobile and this is making difficult for the police to track him.

Meanwhile, Nagaraj's anticipatory bail that came up for hearing at a local court in the city on Monday, was adjourned to April 27. Public prosecutor Kembhavi objected to his bail plea stating the suspect has over 44 criminal cases against him and some of them are being investigated.

He gave the police a slip when they conducted raids and he later released a video to the media in which he stated he had bribed a judge, which is contempt of court.

He has also installed 35 CCTV cameras at his house and office to escape from the police. All of these were mentioned to the court by the prosecutor who objected to his bail plea.