Incredible films have come out of India recently: Ryan Eggold

Incredible films have come out of India recently: Ryan Eggold

Incredible films have come out of India recently: Ryan Eggold

He may be exploring his character in "The Blacklist: Redemption" with some of Hollywood's biggest names, but actor Ryan Eggold says he would love to work in an Indian film as some noteworthy movies have come out of the country recently.

The 32-year-old actor, who reprises his role as Tom Keen in the spin-off from crime thriller TV series "The Blacklist", says working in a project from a different country is a "fulfilling" experience for an artiste.
"Some incredible films have come out of India recently... incredible directors, incredible actors. Doing a film with somebody who's from a different country or culture than you, is very fulfilling because they bring with them different insights, experiences, cultural norms and expectations.

"All of those things can sort of broaden your own understanding of things or provide a different perspective. And, I would absolutely jump at the opportunity," Ryan told PTI over phone from New York.

Initially, Ryan's character was going to be "killed off" in the pilot of "The Blacklist", but the creators later changed their mind.
Now the actor plays a central character in the spin-off, which airs in India on Colors Infinity. Ryan says he is discovering more shades to his character in the new show.

"I feel like we've developed this really cool character over four seasons (of 'The Blacklist') and I am excited at the opportunity to explore his back story. It's a lot of fun because he's a lot of things at once.

"He sort of can be very tough and violent in these things but I think he's also very sensitive and kind of fragile in another sense as well."

Ryan also made his directorial debut with "Literally, Right Before Aaron", starring Cobie Smulders and Justin Long, which premiered at 2017's Tribeca Film Festival.

The actor-turned-director says he is in awe of filmmaker Woody Allen, who has influenced his art of making movies.

"In terms of directing, there's a number of directors who definitely had a great impact on me, Woody Allen certainly being one of them," Ryan says, adding that he particularly likes the way Allen "combines sort of thoughtful insight on the human condition with humour" and uses "simplistic long shots".

Ryan, who served as the jury at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival for documentary and student visionary competitions, alongside "Quantico" actress Priyanka Chopra among others, says he would love to work with her.

"... I would absolutely love to collaborate with her anytime," Ryan says.