A slice of fantasy

A slice of fantasy

A slice of fantasy

Television shows, movies and comics have become a big part of the present generation’s lives. Fandom is now more than just following a particular show and its cast. Whether it is collecting action figures, sporting T-shirts with a character’s picture, filling your walls with posters, getting into arguments on social media to prove your loyalty or even flashing your favourites on your phone cover, fandom is penetrating into the everyday routine of youngsters. The trend of theme-based restaurants aids in serving this experience on one’s plate.

The first Harry Potter themed restaurant in the city has come up in JP Nagar for all the Potterheads who are completely disheartened that the series is over. Starting with the Divination Stairwell, ‘Two Friends Cauldron’ has a platform 6 3/4 wall, the magic wands, hanging broomstick, brickwalls, cobwebs and props. The Marauder’s map menu ensures that you step into the wizard world within no time.

“It’s interesting to see even a 45-year-old searching for a table with their favourite house’s emblem. One should certainly try our butterbeer, cursed wings and Harry’s favourite trickle tarts”, says Sheeba Mushtaq, one of the owners.

If Jack Sparrow is your version of a superhero and you like to accessorise with an eye patch and a hat, get on board ‘The Black Pearl’, docked in Koramangala. It is named after the infamous ship and based on the popular movie series, ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’.  Vedant, an 18-year-old, says, “The place resembles the sets of a ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ movie, with something peculiar in every nook and corner. The ribcage back of chairs and the lighting blends perfectly with the theme. The food and beverages are tasty too. The various skeletons and mannequins of pirates give a feeling of being on Jack Sparrow’s crew!”

‘Cafe Down The Alley’ in Banashankari was started by Sagar Jayaram, a software engineer and his partner Jasmine George, a fashion designer. “The original plan was to have a red brick wall and chalk walls. Later on, we decided to have a theme,” says Sagar. The characters featured in the restaurant are unconventional and based solely on comic books while the walls are adorned by oil paintings and posters.

One can also find comics in their library to accompany the food. “I plan to add dishes based on comics and comic characters soon,” he adds.

If you lean more towards the wild, ‘Serengiti’ brings the jungle experience. Named after a wildlife national park and ecosystem in Tanzania, it resembles an African rainforest inside Total Mall. With  animal statues as your hosts and the leafy interiors, you will lose yourself and embrace the ways of the jungle. Vidhi Jain says, “The waterfall adds to the ambience of the restaurant. The foliage and the rainforest sounds in the background replicate the eeriness of a jungle and the tables look like they are carved out of a tree trunk. The staff dressed in African safari attires complements the theme perfectly.” 

So go on an adventure this weekend and re-live your favourite movie or TV show. And if you are one to fight for the ‘Iron Throne’, you will not have to wait till winter comes because a ‘Game Of Thrones’ themed cafe is going to hit the city soon with ice and fire.