Woman claims cab driver and friends raped her

Woman claims cab driver and friends raped her

Victim's family denies her charge, say cops

Woman claims cab driver and friends raped her

A woman in her early thirties has lodged a complaint stating that she was gang-raped by a cab driver and his friends while she was returning home on March 30.

The victim, a native of Uttar Pradesh, lodged the complaint with the Koramangala police on April 11. She had come to Bengaluru recently, looking for a job, the police said.

The victim, through her friend, alleged that the gang of four including the driver had offered to drop her home late in the night. They abducted her, drove her around the city and raped her, taking turns, in a moving car on the night  of March 30.

The police who took up the case immediately, carried out investigations and found several loopholes in the case.

They said the allegations by the woman were not genuine.When her family members got to know about the police complaint, they denied her allegations and requested the police to drop the complaint. They took her back to their native place.

The Koramangala police who carried out investigations for nearly a fortnight found that there was a altercation between the woman and a cab driver. But there was nothing suggestive of a heinous incident that was narrated by the victim to the police, sources said.

While the police have taken up the complaint ‘seriously,’ the victim's family members are not cooperating when the police tried to get her for a medical examination, the sources claimed.