CFTRI launches superfood 'Teff' for dry zones in K'taka

CFTRI launches superfood 'Teff' for dry zones in K'taka

Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) Mysuru launched an indigenously developed agrotechnology superfood, Teff, on Tuesday.

The institute noted that being a drought resistant crop, Teff has great potential for the nation yielding about 200-250 kg per acre. Teff can be grown in both seasons of kharif (June-July) and Rabi (October-November) and is suitable for districts with dry zones in Karnataka.

High in micronurtients
They stated that the grain is rich in micronutrients like Calcium, Iron and Vitamin C. Teff as an ingredient blends well with various foods like dosas, porridges, rotis and gluten-free breads.

CFTRI has signed an MoU with Sri Sri Rural Development Programme to extend its efforts to farmers for superfood production and farm gate food processing. It also plans to conduct workshops to sensitise farmers from across the state and help develop recipes for Teff.

In the recent past, CFTRI has also developed agrotechnologies for superfoods Chia and Quinoa to grow in Indian conditions. Earlier, since superfoods were imported, they were very expensive and most Indians were unable to afford it.