Freebies for cash-rich NRIs

Freebies for cash-rich NRIs

From providing free accommodation in five-star hotels to free return flight tickets, the BJP-led Manohar Lal Khattar government in Haryana ‘generously’ opened its coffers for hundreds of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) during a two-day summit held in Gurgaon in January.

All this and more has been revealed in a reply to an RTI application filed by activist Harinder Dhingra.

As many as 384 rooms in top hotels were booked for the NRIs, who attended the Pravasi Haryana Diwas hosted by the state government.

The funds to buy return tickets for 100 NRI guests were also forwarded by the state exchequer.
The two-day event was organised to attract investment from NRIs in Haryana. The NRIs were also made aware of the possibilities of philanthropic work that they could carry out in their home state to help them stay connected to their roots.

While the government hopes it would meet the intended objective sooner than later, the state has received positive response from nearly two dozen NRIs to carry out philanthropic works in Haryana. The government’s largesse cost crores of rupees.

The information revealed that the government also spent about Rs 19 lakh on arranging tours for 150 NRIs.
The state government maintained that it was hoping for massive investment from the NRIs in Haryana in the wake of 24 MoUs signed during the event.