Eman Ahmed to be shifted to the UAE from Mumbai hospital

Eman Ahmed to be shifted to the UAE from Mumbai hospital

Eman Ahmed to be shifted to the UAE from Mumbai hospital

Egyptian national Eman Ahmed, who is being treated for obesity here, would be shifted to a hospital in Abu Dhabi.

The city-based Saifee Hospital today announced that Eman Ahmed would be shifted to Burjeel Hospital in the UAE. The development comes amid allegations by Eman's sister Shaimaa Selim that she was not receiving proper treatment at Saifee.

The privately-owned Saifee Hospital today also claimed that from 500 kg last year, Eman now weighs 176 kg.

Burjeel Hospital is a part of VPS Healthcare group whose team of doctors had visited Eman here yesterday on the request of Shaimaa.

Dr Shamsheer Vayalil, MD of VPS Healthcare, arrived here today and met the authorities at Saifee, said Shaimaa, who is staying here with her sister.

A statement issued this afternoon by Dr Aparna Bhaskar, section chief of bariatric surgery at Saifee Hospital, said, "As the treatment here concludes, Eman is being shifted to Burjeel Hospital in UAE (a hospital initially introduced to the family by Dr Lakdawala). Secondary physiotherapy will continue over there as it is closer to home for Eman and her family.

"The team of doctors at Saifee Hospital has done a fabulous job and her recovery has been unprecedented. She is stable and all parameters are under control. She will continue to need neurological rehabilitation and physiotherapy. "She came on a chartered cargo plane and goes back as a passenger on a flight in Business Class... Eman Ahmed who weighed 500 kg as on 23/9/16 weighs 176.6 kg today," Dr Bhaskar said.

Shaimaa had recently alleged that the doctors at Saifee hospital made false claims about Eman's weight loss of 262 kg. Refuting the allegations, Dr Bhaskar had said on Tuesday that Shaimaa may be criticising the doctors to extend her sister's stay at the hospital.

In an online video, Shaimaa had also said that Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, the bariatric surgeon who led the team of doctors treating Eman, made "false claims" about her complete recovery and weight loss. Dr Lakdawala had refuted the charge. Last month, Eman underwent bariatric surgery in which doctors had claimed to have reduced her stomach size by two-third, so as to reduce the food intake.