The gold rush

The gold rush

Akshaya Tritiya

The gold rush

Yet another ‘Akshaya Tritiya’ is here and Bengalureans are investing in gold with much enthusiasm. While many are buying the yellow metal to ring in good tidings for the season, others are choosing to purchase jewellery as an investment. 

Jewellery shops in the city are bustling with activity. Sarala Dhakshina Murthy with daughter Aishwarya purchased a traditional ‘haram’ on the occasion. 

It is a tradition that Sarala’s family has been following over the years and they make sure to buy at least a gold coin for the day. 

“‘Akshaya Tritiya’ symbolises abundance and never-ending riches. If one buys something in gold for this day, then it is believed to multiply in folds,” says Sarala. Looking to add something trendy to their collection, Sarala opted to go for antique jewellery. “The antique look is trending again and what better day to splurge on this,” she asks with a smile.

While usability is a requisite when purchasing anything, trends don’t stay far behind when it comes to jewellery. 

Saloni Arora who was seen shopping at a jewellery store in  Commercial Street came to purchase a Swarovski crystal set with pearls set in gold. “The bulky grand look never goes out of fashion. This set can be passed on as a heirloom for generations. We also bought sleek designer bangles for the occasion too,” she says. 

Some prepared in advance for the festival by pre-booking their orders. Soumya Reddy, a homemaker had placed an order for a gold balls necklace. “These designs never go out of trend. Antique designs are back in fashion at the moment,” she says. 

There are others who buy gold for their kith and kin too. Pratipta Sen, a homemaker who was seen looking for a sleek fashionable chain for her grandchild. 

“Buying gold for the day is seen as inviting wealth and blessings. What better way to invite blessing into the family than to gift it to a close family member,” she says. Every year, Pratipta purchases earrings or bracelets to mark the occasion. 

While some opted to purchase elaborate and grand necklaces, others are ordering or buying simple gold coins. 

Latha Murali, an administrative manager, says that she purchased a chain dollar pendant and a plain finger ring for the day. 

“We always make grand plans for the day and purchase something every year. Sometimes its just an earring. This year we bought a chain dollar pendant because it is one of the in-demand items this year,” she says. 

Though Latha was initially planning to purchase a ‘Mohanamala’, she is happy to have bought something in gold. “Traditional patterns in jewellery continue to stay in trend through seasons,” she vouches.