Embellishing empty corners

Embellishing empty corners

Embellishing empty corners

Beauty is just around the corner. But we often ignore such empty corners of our home which we can actually beautify. Whenever we look around the corners of our home, it feels like there is ‘something’ missing and the corners need ‘something extra’ but that ‘something’ can be very confusing at times.

The confusion is about what exactly to keep and how to fill the neglected corners beautifully. Well, decorating the empty corners of the house is a challenging task, but here are a few ideas which can help you turn the unused, empty corners into beautiful, functional spaces. Here we go...

Invest in free standing shelvesInvesting in free standing shelves is a wise decision as they fill your home corner conveniently. They will not just fill the empty corners of your house, but will also allow you to store things. A pyramid-style free standing shelf lets you store antique pieces, unused dishes, artificial ornaments, containers, books, and many more things. To make your shelf look beautiful, display some collectibles, pretty crockery sets, showpieces, table clock, flowers etc. Free standing shelves, specially a wall-fitted pyramid-style shelf compliments a corner very well and looks wonderful in vacant spots. It is a stylish way to decorate the empty corner of your living room.

Place some house plants

Indoor plants are pleasant decorative elements for every room of a home. But when it comes to your home corners, placing a single, yet tall house plant can do wonders. A tall house plant is the perfect option to jazz up the empty corners of your living room. If you are not convinced with a single tall house plant, then, without a second thought, go for a group of small house plants as an alternative. In addition to this, plants bring positivity, calmness, creative energy and evoke an environment-friendly feeling in the house, so bring home some tall potted plants and place them in the corners to multiply the positive energy.

Add aesthetic appeal

Fill the void of the corner with some small portraits and wall arts. Before you invest in some decorative items for the wall, consider the wall space of the corners. If the space is small, pick a single piece of art, but if the wall space is large, you can stick as many wall arts as possible. A small portrait with contemporary art can also add character to any monotonous wall corner.

If you are romantic, stick two red hearts with a traditional quote; if you adore nature, create a garden look on the corner walls and make the corners look eye catchy and unique. Bring an antique table, chair with some books, and a floral arrangement. Brighten up the corner of your room by placing an antique table topped with books, small antique statues, and a decent floral arrangement. Keep a chair along, in case you desire to read a book in a peaceful corner. A wooden furniture piece can also add elegance to a corner place.

Set up a game table

Turn the empty corner of your home into a fun zone with a wooden game table with chairs and unplug the ultimate fun. Get a decorative chess game table set that should fit in the corner. In fact, find some other classic games like Backgammon, Chinese Checkers, Cribbage for other corners of your home.

Beautiful home should have beautiful corners. So, grasp the aforementioned decorative ideas and fill the neglected and unused corners of your home with some useful yet attractive items.

(The author is CMO, TrendyBharat)