Woman hits cop with helmet

Woman hits cop with helmet

A 28-year-old woman was arrested for hitting an assistant traffic sub-inspector (ASI) with her helmet at a busy junction in Indiranagar on Wednesday.

A bystander who supported her and abused the policemen was also arrested.

The woman scooterist, identified as Arika Borse, was intercepted by the policemen when she jumped a signal. Borse is a resident of KR Puram and a native of Hyderabad. The bystander was identified as Pradeep, 30, of Banaswadi.

The incident occurred at the KFC Junction where the ASI, identified as Prabhu Ratnakar, and constable Chandru, of the Indiranagar traffic police station, were on duty. Around 10.45 am, Arika, who works for a private firm and was riding a Honda Activa to work, jumped the signal. Ratnakar intercepted her and asked her to come to the pavement so that he could issue a penalty challan.

But Arika shouted at Ratnakar, saying she did not jump any signal and that the policemen were harassing her. When Ratnakar insisted in a stern voice that she cooperate with the police, Arika took off her helmet and hit the ASI with it.
Pradeep, the bystander, came to Arika’s support and abused the policemen. The traffic policemen informed their law and order police, who rushed to the spot and took the two to the station. A case was registered against Arika and Pradeep for assaulting a police officer and obstructing public servants from discharging their duties, respectively. The two managed to secure bail.