Shining in the sun

Shining in the sun

Shining in the sun

Pollution, UV rays and humidity can take a toll on your skin during summers. Hence, it’s important to maintain a good skincare regime. Here are a few tips to keep your skin fresh and glowing all summer long:

The sun’s UV rays and pollution accelerate the ageing process and also make the skin appear dull and more prone to damage if not properly moisturised. When you don’t use moisturisers during the summer months, your skin tends to produce excess sebum that clogs the pores and makes it difficult for your skin to breathe. Use lighter products like oil-free or gel-based moisturisers or look for moisturising milk or lotions. These are absorbed easily and do not leave a greasy residue.

Don’t think that you do not need a sunscreen if you stay indoors. The UV radiation can affect your skin as it can penetrate through the glasses also; even computers emit some amount of UV radiation. Wear a sunscreen regularly and reapply it every four to five hours.

Practice a good cleansing ritual every evening when you return from work. The skin tends to become oilier during these hot months. You can use a salicylic acid-based face wash to lessen the ‘greasy’ feel from the skin. Never sleep without removing make-up, no matter how tired you are.

Drink a lot of water and fluids. Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and salads. Limit the intake of coffee as it can be harsh on the skin over a long term; say no to smoking as it causes skin breakdown and burning; limit the intake of alcohol; avoid consuming too much of sweets and oily foods; add vitamin C and omega fatty acids to your diet.

Exercising during summer can pose a problem due to the humid weather, which makes you sweat excessively. Do not compromise: rearrange your schedule to fit in exercise during the coolest time of the day. It will help not just the body, but also the skin to stay healthy and regenerate.
Say yes to sunshine this summer and

(The author is a Mumbai-based medical cosmetologist)