Flying to become paperless soon

Flying to become paperless soon

Mobiles, Aadhaar to be used for airport entry

Flying to become paperless soon

You may soon be using just your mobile phone and Aadhaar for air travel, minus all the paper work, as the government is looking to roll out a digital system for airport entry and subsequent journey requirements.

Under the proposed “Digi Yatra” initiative, the Ministry of Civil Aviation is looking to make “boarding pass and security interactions” digital. Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha on Friday said the ministry is working on the initiative.

“Your payment is digital, your boarding and security interactions are digital... That is the Digi Yatra concept we are working on,” Sinha said. Under the initiative, the flyer will be securely identified through Aadhaar number, passport or other documents.

“We have established a working group and we are very hopeful of rolling out some of these initiatives in the next few months,” the minister said.

Speaking on the sidelines of an event organised by the Confederation of Indian Industries, Sinha said, “The whole experience would be completely wouldn’t need any paper and you would be able to book your car to the airport, get into the airport, get a digital boarding pass, board your aircraft, take a car way back and do all of that just with your mobile phone.”

No-fly list soon
Sinha said the ministry is in the process of coming up with an approach to have a ‘No-Fly’ list. “If passengers behave in an unruly or disruptive manner and endanger the safety of all of us on an aeroplane, then we will have a way of ensuring that they are not able to fly and are appropriately dealt with,” Sinha said.

Noting that the ministry is blazing a new trail on the ‘No-Fly’ list, Sinha said it is a serious matter that needs a great deal of deliberation.