VYABL uses technology to sow the seed for a bundle of joy

VYABL uses technology to sow the seed for a bundle of joy

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VYABL uses technology to sow the seed for a bundle of joy

After all, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world! If gifting childless couples with the hope of parentage is noble enough, a young Bengaluru-based initiative is nurturing the ultimate tech-driven elixir.

A will to address the torment of infertility among couples drove R Vijaygopal, along with Balachander Agoramurthy, Geetha Sanjay and Vasanthi Palanivel, to conceive VYABL.

VYABL, an initiative of Innov4Sight, has treated 120 patients in the last six months, as part of its clinical study phase, with a 72% pregnancy success rate.

Today, there are 27.5 million infertile Indian couples, of whom, only 270,000 seek evaluation every year, translating to less than 1%. This may be attributed to a lack of understanding about infertility, social stigma, or high treatment costs (Rs 5 lakh onwards), marred by a slim chance of success. The fertility industry in India is valued at Rs 5,400 crore.

To address this, VYABL conducted research for six months on regenerative medicine-based therapeutics. “We are currently working on 12 conditions, of which, the first four are being addressed. In women, we are working on regeneration therapy for endometrial lining issues (pertaining to the inner lining of the uterus, to prevent miscarriages). Secondly, the best time for a lady (in Asia) to conceive is between 22 and 28 years of age. Once the lady crosses 30 years of age, her chances of pregnancy dip by over 20%, leading to a deteriorated quality of eggs.

Our therapy is an anti-ageing solution, resulting in healthier eggs too,” Vijaygopal, who is also the CEO of Innov4Sight, tells DH.

In men, there are certain abnormalities in reproductive capacity that cause erectile dysfunction or sperm quality disorders, which are being addressed. The said four issues constitute 60% of all fertility problems around the world.

Explaining plans, he says, “Today, India has 1,500 fertility clinics, out of which, 40% are mid-tier ones that deliver 20-30% result. We’ll partner and co-brand with them as VYABL Center of Excellence, and upgrade their traditional capabilities and infrastructure with latest methodologies and global knowhow.”

The first five clinics will be operational by June in Chennai and Bengaluru, which by December will reach 30 centres across five states, apart from five centres abroad.

In the next 12 months, VYABL aims to treat 8,000 patients. “We prepare patients to become parents, through education, assessment, supporting lifestyle changes, better diagnostics and data-driven treatment plans (app- and wearable-based).

Before they start spending massive amounts of money, we have partnered with banks and insurance companies to aid in availing the treatment. We take our data and sit with partner-doctors to help administer the therapy,” he adds.

Till date, VYABL has raised funding of $1.5 million until pre-Series A, with an additional $500,000 funding planned this year to close the round.

Quick facts

­Founders: R Vijaygopal, Balachander Agoramurthy, Geetha Sanjay and Vasanthi Palanivel
Into: Regenerative infertility care
Funding: Raised $1.5 million