Diana 'was killed to end her relationship with Dodi'

According to Michael Mansfield, the Princess of Wales' and Dodi's deaths in the fatal car crash in the Alma Tunnel in Paris in 1997 were the result of a carefully orchestrated plot to "end their relationship violently".

"I think there was a plan, and the plan was to disrupt and terminate the relationship between Diana and Dodi and that was going to be achieved - because things were escalating very fast in August of that year - by some kind of incident which would be violent.
"I don't personally believe they wanted them dead but they wanted to end the relationship by a serious accident and in that case they still can be prosecuted for murder as there was an intent of at least really serious harm," Mansfield was quoted by the 'Daily Express' as saying.

However, Mansfield, who has examined the case in fine detail, said that those who carried out the plot remained the "unknown quantity".
A jury concluded Diana had been unlawfully killed in April 2008 after a six-month inquest at the Royal Courts of Justice, and blamed the grossly negligent driving of chauffeur Henri Paul and chasing paparazzi photographers.

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