BAC stamp authority in grand style

Aaron, Navya adjudged the best in Group I

In the overall points tally, BAC amassed 1070 points to finish well clear of KCR and PM Swim Centre respectively.

Aaron, who accounted for one national record (200M butterfly) and three state records (50M freestyle, 200M, 100M butterfly), gathered 685 points to be crowned champ in boys’ Group I.

Navya, who etched one national record (1500 metres) and two meet records (800M, 400M) -- all in the freestyle category -- claimed the corresponding girls’ top spot with 635 points.

BAC’s Prajwal KS logged 35 points to take the individual honours in boys’ Group II while Sneha T took the girls’ Group II individual title with 635 points after chalking up one national record (50M freestyle) and two state records (100M butterfly, 100M freestyle).
KC Reddy Swim Centre pulled off an upset victory in boys’ Group I 4x100M medley, getting the better of BAC ‘A’. While the KCR stopped the clock at 4:18.20, BAC ‘A’ came in second at 4:20.18.

KCR started strongly by putting a good distance between them and BAC ‘A’ in backstroke, and followed it up with an equally good performance in breaststroke.
BAC ‘A’ narrowed down the distance in the butterfly leg through Aaron, but KCR managed to hold on to their advantage.

Gagan AP tried his best to reel in Akshay Krishna in the final freestyle leg, but the latter touched in first for a fine win for KCR.

Boys: Group I: 800M freestyle: Gagan AP (BAC) 8:59.49, 1; Akshay Krishna (KCR) 9:10.28, 2; Prasidh P Kumar (BAC) 10:01.13, 3.
200M breaststroke: Adithya Roshan (KCR) 2:33.86, 1. NMR. Old record: 2:34.54 (Adithya Roshan, KCR, 2008); Akash Rohit (KCR) 2:40.56, 2; N Balaji (KCR) 2:49.70, 3.
50M butterfly: Siddanth Deshmukh (KCR) 27.16S, 1; Tushanth Bengre (JSC) 27.70S, 2; Pruthvi KS (BAC) 27.99S, 3.

100M butterfly: Aaron D’Souza (BAC) 57.41S. NMR. Old record: 58.77S (Siddanth Deshmukh, KCR, 2008); Siddanth Deshmukh (KCR) 58.64S, 2. BMR; Chetan B Aradhya (PMSC) 1:04.63, 3. 4x100M medley relay: KCR 4:18.20, 1; BAC ‘A’ 4:20.18, 2; BAC ‘B’ 4:43.19, 3.

Group II: 1500M freestyle: Ajay A (BAC) 18:37.74, 1; Srinivas M D (BAC) 18:56.51, 2; Akhilesh Rao (KCR) 19:04.49, 3. 200M breaststroke: Abhishek Lobo (BAC) 2:57.93, 1; Akhilesh Ram (KCR) 2:58.16, 2; Adithya S (KCR) 3:02.99, 3.
50M butterfly: Prajwal KS (BAC) 28.58S, 1; SV Sumukh (BAC) 30.58S, 2; Shreyas L (BAC) 31.00S, 3.

100M butterfly: Prajwal KS (BAC) 1:04.49, 1; SV Sumukh (BAC) 1:06.19, 2; Shreyas L (BAC) 1:07.43, 3. 4x100M medley relay: BAC ‘A’ 4:41.72, 1; BAC ‘B’ 4:47.31, 2; KCR 5:03.53, 3.
Girls: Group II: 100M freestyle: Sneha T (BAC) 1:01.33, 1. NMR. Old record: 1:01.64 (Shikha Tandon, KCR, 1999); Pratima Kollali (KCR) 1:02.47, 2; Sapthami US (PMSC) 1:08.63, 3.

200M breaststroke: Bhoomi R Motwani (BAC) 3:00.74, 2; Divya Guruswamy (KSC) 3:08.52, 2; Chaturya (JSC) 3: 11.58, 3.
50M butterfly: Sneha T (BAC) 31.20S, 1; Ishwarya Bhandary (BAC) 33.06S, 2; Greeshma HS (BAC) 33.27S, 3.
400M individual medley: Bhoomi R Motwani (BAC) 5:43.74, 1; Mena C (KCR) 5:50.66, 2; Divya Guruswamy (KCR) 5:50.91, 3.
4x100M medley relay: BAC ‘A’ 5:03.46, 1; KCR 5:28.77, 2; BAC ‘B’ 5:36.42, 3. 
Group II: 100M freestyle: Navya G Shenoy (BAC) 1:05.25, 1; Chandana K (PMSC) 1:07.38, 2; Anvitha Shampur (BAC) 1:07.60, 3.
200M breaststroke: Lavanya G (BAC) 3:05.15, 1; Chethana K (PMSC) 3:15.58, 2; Aashitha S (PMSC) 3:16.82, 3.

50M butterfly: Sankrithi RC (PMSC) 32.36S, 1; Chandana K (PMSC) 33.53S, 2; Lavanya G (BAC) 33.53S, 3.
400M individual medley: Madhavi Giri (BAC) 5:39.24, 1; Sushaka Pratap (BAC) 5:45.27, 2; Pragathi Hathwar (BAC) 6:19.46, 3.
4x100M medley relay: BAC ‘A’ 5:12.38, 1; BAC ‘B’ 5:17.99, 2; PMSC 5:48.46, 3.
Individual awards:
Boys: Group I: Aaron D’Souza (BAC, 685 points). Group II: Prajwal KS (BAC, 35). Girls: Group I: Navya G Shenoy (BAC, 635). Group II: Sneha T (BAC, 635).
Overall championship: BAC (1070 points).

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