Ministry censures Sushil

Ministry censures Sushil

The grappler and both the coaches, Jasbir Singh and Vladimir Mestvirishvili, had cited different reasons why Sushil was found overweight.

Steering Committee chairman Rahul Bhatnagar said this was a first of its kind incident and the government would not brook any such negligence on anyone’s part.

“The Steering Committee was told about the circumstances leading to Sushil being found overweight by 450 gms. We were told they tried everything they could, sauna and that sort of things, to reduce weight but it did not work and Sushil got disqualified,” Bhatnagar said.

Sheer negligence

“When the government is spending so much on the athletes and trying to give them the best of facilities, we expect them to take their job much more seriously. There was sheer negligence on part of the wrestler and both the coaches, that too for such a top-level event,” he said.

“The Steering Committee heard everything and took into consideration Sushil’s achievement before deciding to censure him. Along with him, the Committee decided to warn the coaches that if it happens again, they would be taken out of the camp,” said Bhatnagar, also the Joint Secretary (International Sports Division).

Neither Sushil nor the coaches attended the meeting. Instead, Wrestling Federation of India president GS Mander presented their case before the Steering Committee.

“These things generally don’t happen. Athletes are expected to manage all these things. This is warning for others also that while the government is ready to fund them, no such negligence would be tolerated,” Bhatnagar added.