UP saint to take 'trained' stone-pelters to Kashmir

UP saint to take 'trained' stone-pelters to Kashmir
A saint from Uttar Pradesh plans to take ''trained'' stone pelters to Kashmir valley to what he says ''counter'' attackers on the army and give the ''anti-national'' elements a ''befitting reply''.
The saint Arun Puri Chaitanyaji Maharaj, a resident of Kanpur town, has formed an organisation by the name of 'Jansena', which provides stone pelting ''training'' to the youths from the town and outside.
''So far Jansena has trained more than one thousand youths, including women....some sadhus have also received training in stone pelting,'' Puri said.
He said that his team had collected a truck load of stones, which they planned to take to the Kashmir valley to take on the stone pelters there.
''Our jawans are being targeted in Kashmir every day by stone pelters....we have to do something to prevent that,'' he remarked.
''The Jansena volunteer will leave for Kashmir valley on Sunday....some will leave by train while some others may take the road route...we plan to visit Delhi to pay our respect to Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat before embarking on our mission,'' Puri added.
Puri claimed that people from other parts of the country were also willing to join his volunteers in this ''mission'. ''A large number of people have expressed their desire to join us,'' he claimed.
He said that some saints from the town had submitted a memorandum addressed to prime minister Narendra Modi to the district officials seeking permission to go to Kashmir valley. ''We have so far not received any response,'' he said.
Alarmed at the development, district officials said that they would not allow the 'Jansena' volunteers to go to Kashmir valley with a truckload of stones. ''We will try to dissuade them from going to Kashmir....necessary action will be taken if persuasion fails,'' said a senior district official in Kanpur.
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