When the going gets tough

In a quandary

When the going gets tough

For many cricket lovers, getting back home after an IPL match is a hassle. A file of autorickshaws is parked just outside the stadium but none of them run by the meter and the drivers won’t move unless you agree to cough up double the actual fare. People say that it is also tough to get a cab because of last minute cancellations by the drivers.

Regular IPL match-goers say that it takes at least one hour to get out of the stadium after the match and another hour before one can find transport to get back home.
Umesh N V, a resident of RT Nagar, points out that the autorickshaw drivers never put on the meter after 9 pm.

“I have never paid by the meter whenever I’ve hailed an auto after an IPL match. The drivers always ask for double the meter charge, and at that hour, one is forced to pay whatever the drivers ask for just to get home,” says Umesh.

 The IPL has brought a lot of women into the stadium and those who come unaccompanied by men find it difficult to return home.

 Nidhi P Rao and Nanditha N, students of Jain College, share that it is scary to travel by an autorickshaw after the IPL matches.

“While autos charge an exorbitant amount, cabs are undependable because you don’t know when the cab drivers will cancel the booking. You also can’t try your hand at bargaining with the auto drivers at that hour because it is unsafe,” says Nidhi.

Nanditha pitches in, “I have never had the courage to take an auto late at night, after I once got into an autorickshaw without knowing that the driver was drunk. I was scared all the while till I reached home.”

 Families find IPL matches as the perfect spot to hang out in and Rekha Satish, a housewife, says that she always likes to go to an IPL match in a big group. She says that she prefers to take the Metro after the match to get back home. “I don’t risk taking an auto or a cab after the match because I find them very unsafe. There aren’t too many cops who help people get an autorickshaw at that hour either. I find the Metro to be a safe and secure travel option,” says Rekha. 

The experiences of those who are trying to book cabs is no different.Rupesh Singh, a professional, says that he gets at least four cancellations before he can actually get a booking confirmation. “Not all cab drivers accept the booking. When there are more people trying to book a cab from a particular location, the chances of getting one are quite slim,” he says.

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