A stepping stone to success

A stepping stone to success


A stepping stone to success

This college was founded in 1972. It has been supporting women’s empowerment ever since and encourages students in various ways.The college has a well-set gym, research and health centres, sports room and more. The girls say their principal and teachers guide them in every way when it comes to hosting fests, seminars, workshops and such activities.

C Manjunath, HOD of PUC Kannada Department, says, “Each and every student of this college is focussed and energetic.The students actively take part in almost all the activities which the college hosts.They are equally good in studies. Most girls train themselves by using the facilities provided by the college.”

Homely atmosphere is another factor which most girls are happy about. There are many girls who joined here for PUC and have continued here till they completed their post-graduation. Many of the teachers in this college have studied here. They have been offered jobs here after having topped the college or the university.  Sports and cultural activities like theatre, dancing and singing, are a passion for most students.

The kabbadi, volley ball and net ball teams have won many accolades. They have participated in matches all over India and have won many of them. The theatre club, Ranga Sinchana, has nurtured many talented girls, who have now passed out of college and have reached great heights.

Sahana Savitri, a final year B Com student, says, “I have been in this college from PUC and it was great fun.I was exposed to many things and I have learnt a lot in the process. Sports activities are exceptional here and I have travelled to most places in India because of that. The teachers are very supportive and I have learnt a lot in a span of five years.”

Some of the girls hang out at the quadrangle and the canteen while those, who are into sports, spend their leisure time in the sports room. The college park is another place where most girls spend time with friends. Preethi G, a second year B Com student, says, “What I like most about this college is the fact that we are not allowed to feel that we are lesser than anybody. We are given ample opportunity to get into every field. Here, the importance of women empowerment is stressed upon.”

Vocational courses in fashion designing, entrepreneurship training, multi-media, paperbag making and beauty are conducted.  Bharati Hegde, a first year BA student, says, “I am very passionate about theatre, Bharatanatyam and classical vocal. After coming here, I have taken part in various plays, dancing and singing competitions. The college has been very supportive and has given me various opportunities, which has led to my growth.”