They had a real blast!

They had a real blast!


They had a real blast!

Reva Institute of Technology and Management (RITM) celebrated its annual festival titled Revamp 2010 last week. The theme of the event was Go green, an attempt to move towards a greener tomorrow. The three-day festival was a combination of academic and cultural programmes and was attended by students from different colleges.

The first day started out with paper presentation and circuit analysis.  This was followed by the auditions for the CS and NFS competition the next day. Other events during the day were software design, quiz and project demonstrations and also a group dance competition.

The second day had a solo singing and solo dance competition. The M S College of Engineering won the solo dance competition while the students from PESIT won all the singing competitions.  An interesting event during the day was the Bollywood quotient where students were quizzed about their knowledge of Hindi films.

But the highlight of the day remained the fashion show where each college team presented a different theme.  This was followed by the DJ night which continued till late at night. “The DJ night was a complete blast. It was a nice change from the usual classes,” said Pavan from RITM.

The third day started with the treasure hunt where almost 30 teams participated. The hunt was made extra exciting by increasing the area of the hunt to ten kilometres within the college’s radius. Two teams from RITM ended up winning it but took almost eight hours to find the treasure. The day also saw events like Mad Ads and street play. “We had a name Jingilala as a brand for all the products,” said Prashant from R L Jalappa Institute of Technology.

The street play had four teams performing on socially relevant topics like politics, hospitals and brain drain.  The day also saw a few sport events like the two day football tournament which was won by RV College of Engineering and the basketball competition which MVJ College of Engineering won.

But the event that generated the maximum crowd was the western electric, which saw performances by various college bands.  “It was our first time on stage and the experience was great. Some bands are really good but some are just growling,” said Sriram from Nagarjuna College.

While the event started out slow, soon it was in full swing when Chrysalis from Reva took the stage.  The evening got even wilder as a group of students formed a headbanging circle and cheered.  Jekyll and Hyde got huge cheers from the crowd especially when they played one of their songs Two Timing Bitch. The event ended with a rock concert by the bands The Bicycle Days and Theorised who performed in the evening. DHNS