Blurring the lines

Blurring the lines
Armed with a degree in information science engineering, producer and DJ Jayanth Ramachandra aka ‘The Sine Painter’ likes to explore the many possibilities in cybertechnology.

Jayanth is committed to genre-breaking explorations and producing cinematic soundscapes repurposed for the dancefloor. His music blurs the lines between genres, styles and acoustic palettes. All set to release his latest EP ‘URL Utopias’, Jayanth talks to Anushree Agarwal about his unique name, the dance music scene in Bengaluru and more.

What’s the story behind ‘The Sine Painter’?

It’s a variation on ‘The Sign Painter’ which is what the narrator from the indie game ‘The World of Goo’ calls himself. I changed it to ‘The Sine Painter’ because sine waves are commonly used for sub-bass sounds in electronic music.

Your journey from a degree in information science technology to getting behind the turntable...

After college, I took a break and started producing electronic music because I was always fascinated by the culture behind it. A lot of things started working out for me as an artiste. I still plan to return to information science soon though.

Tell us about ‘URL Utopias’.

It’s a concept EP about places on the internet that communities or individuals dedicate a lot of thought and effort to create and maintain purely for the purpose of expression, and what my experience of consuming their content was like.

What’s your typical day like?

For the past six months, it’s been very hectic putting together all the pieces for the release. I wake up, check what needs to be done and then go about it till I hit the sack.

What do you feel sets you apart as a DJ?

Playing more obscure music in a context that people who aren’t familiar with the music could still enjoy. Also, the diversity in sound throughout a set. I enjoy allowing the audience to experience unpredictability.

One of your craziest shows.

The show I did in Montreal as part of Red Bull Music Academy. It was in the basement of a repurposed swimming pool, and the vibe and the audience was just incredible.

A track you love dancing to.

‘Brass Claim’ by NA.

What do you feel about the dance music scene in Bengaluru?

It’s in a really healthy place right now. There are a few crews and artistes, really dedicated to their sounds, who are making and pushing great quality music as well as taking their work to the world.

What are you working on next?

I’ve been planning a few more projects and collaborations that had come up during the process of working on the EP. Also, since it was quite hectic, I’ll be taking a break before starting anything new.

What do you do for leisure?

I spend my time learning about art, music, computers and where all of those worlds could meet.

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